COVID-19 Response:

All registrations will be fully reimbursed if Scoop is canceled due to COVID-19 limitations. 

Scoop Lacrosse expects that none of its coaches, players, spectators, or any other participant will attend a Scoop Lacrosse event if they have any symptoms of COVID-19, if they have left the United States within the last 14 days, or if they have come in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 

If a participant of Scoop Lacrosse tests positive for COVID-19, Scoop Lacrosse expects to be notified immediately. 

All Scoop Lacrosse participants will be expected to sign the below waiver upon registration. 

All equipment will be cleaned after each Scoop Lacrosse Event. 

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Scoop Lacrosse will take preventative measures in accordance with Massachusetts state and town of Hamilton guidance to reduce the likelihood of the spread of COVID-19. Scoop Lacrosse cannot guarantee that a participant will not become infected with the COVID-19 virus, or any parent, spouse, child, guest, coach, relative, or other spectator. Although Scoop Lacrosse rules will aim to prohibit spreading the virus, play will likely include brief contact which can increase risk of contracting COVID-19. By signing our waiver below, and in consideration of participation in Scoop Lacrosse events, all participants, parents, and coaches acknowledge and voluntarily accept:

1. The contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the full extent of risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 while participating in a Scoop Lacrosse event, and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and/or death;

2. That the risk of becoming exposed to or infected by COVID-19 at a Scoop Lacrosse event may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of myself or others, including, but not limited to, Scoop Lacrosse, staff, volunteers, participants, and spectators;

3. The obligation to end my participation upon any sign or symptom of COVID-19 or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, or after traveling out of the country in the last 14 days, or coming in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.  I agree to notify Scoop Lacrosse in writing immediately if any of the above instances occur;

4. The sole responsibility for any exposure, infection, injury, or illness that may occur. This release is to the fullest extent the law permits and includes claims based on the actions, omissions, or negligence of Scoop Lacrosse, its employees, and representatives, whether a COVID-19 exposure or infection occurs before, during, or after participation in any Scoop Lacrosse event.