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Scoop Lacrosse Enters I4th Season In Hamilton

        Scoop Lacrosse is a developmental lacrosse program for girls in grades PreK-2nd.  Julie Clifford Smail, a top scorer on Harvard's 1990 Women's Division I National Championship lacrosse team, brought Scoop to the North Shore. More than 1,000 local young girls have come through the Scoop program.

     When Julie and her husband, Dave, moved to Hamilton with their three young daughters, they discovered that the local boys lacrosse program started several years before the girls. Julie decided to change that. In 2006, two collegiate 

Scoop Lacrosse

lacrosse players from Philadelphia, Lynn Dwyer (Julie's teammate at Harvard) and Kim Richter (Tufts, All American), found the same scenario. In response, they started Scoop Lacrosse to provide an opportunity for young girls to play and love lacrosse in a positive environment. Julie was thrilled to bring this opportunity to young girls on the North Shore. It's been a hit! 

Scoop Lacrosse Hamilton

         The goal of Scoop is to provide a fun introduction to lacrosse that will develop not only a solid foundation of basic skills and a love for lacrosse, but also confidence and self-esteem. Scoop uses a softer-headed stick with a molded pocket and a softer, larger ball that allow children to experience more success catching and throwing. This philosophy is similar to starting with T-ball for baseball, Quick Start for tennis, or the American Development Model's idea of small-area games for hockey. With years of experience, we are convinced that Scoop's method of teaching lacrosse is the best around. In addition to Scoop's user-friendly equipment, Scoop uses pre-planned lessons full of high-energy games and drills that teach the fundamental skills needed to be great lacrosse players. Our second-grade Scoop girls leave with the skills, confidence, and the love of lacrosse that they need to excel on 3rd-grade travel and club teams.

       Scoop is praised for its low ratio of players to coaches. Each team of approximately 10 girls has one to two adult coaches and 3-4  Junior Coaches who play for the local high school and college teams. The Junior Coaches have been extremely popular with the Scoop players providing energy, fun spirit, and inspiration. Smail praises the high school and college Junior Coaches:

"The high school and college players are the key ingredient to what makes Scoop the amazing program that it is. They come energized each week to play with these young girls. They make learning lacrosse fun, and they serve as excellent role models for our young Scoop players." 

Scoop is the perfect way for young girls to learn and fall in love with lacrosse. 

Definitely reach out to Julie Smail with any questions at or 617-771-2894.

Scoop Lacrosse - Pingree School
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